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Cowhide + Leather Car Charm & Fragrance Spray

Cowhide + Leather Car Charm & Fragrance Spray

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14 hide washes

9 car charm shapes

Over 75 scents to choose from


Charm :  Made from leather on one side, cowhide on the other. 100% AUTHENTIC/REAL leather and hide! Available in a variety of shapes and hide patterns!

Fragrance oil spray : Choose your favorite out of our many special formulated oil to be used on (the hide side) of your car charm to re-scent them time & time again!

A single charm and 1 small bottle of scented oil spray can easily last you a year (or longer!) Which makes using these a huge money saver over buying those traditional and boring car air fresheners they sell in the stores that loose their smell in less than a week!

scent list coming soon!

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